God's remnant church requires an improved approach to evangelism. Considering the advancements in technology and the access to the social media platform, please share your thoughts on how best the church can utilize these mediums to spread the gospel, grow the church, while meeting the needs of existing members? 

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Novelet Grant says... (Reply)
"I think this is just fine. So true." (10/7/14)
Dillon Brown says... (Reply)
"Well, On April 9, 2012, Facebook purchased the photo filter app Instagram 18 months after its launch for $1 billion: $300 million in cash. This is the proof that our society has flocked to social media in unprecedented numbers. However before we reach out to any of these individuals that are in need of physical, mental and most importantly spiritual attention, we ought to make sure we are applying the gospel truths to our lives. We can use social media to post positive uplifting messages to remind ourselves of God's unchanging Love and the gift of everlasting Life!" (10/7/14)
Mervis Anderson says... (Reply)
"This is the way to reach people we would have never cross path with. There is a large group of people who will be saying thanks to us one day. This is definitely the way to go. " (10/8/14)
Lamb says... (Reply)
"Wow....the death of my youth...." (2/10/15)