CWC Clerical Team

Elder Ingrid  Providence, Ministry Leader

To operate in an organized manner, that will facilitate access to the church
as a resource to the community we serve.  We will, via the technological
resources available to us, consistently maintain accurate record keeping that lends
to our growth.  We will also strive to increase awareness of our ability
to supplement the needs of the members of Springfield Gardens and
its surrounding communities, while emphasizing the value of a strong
relationship with Christ, through our daily interactions.



To facilitate an atmosphere of lively, (informational) worship, while still

maintaining a Christ-centered focus.



To readily facilitate the special services that are a part of the daily

needs of our community, ministering to those needs in a manner that

clearly professes, “It's The God In Me!"



To perform the service to which we have been called, with humility and

grace; never growing weary, never growing faint, never complaining, knowing that

The Lord will sustain us and keep us in His strength.