Elder Ewan Allman, DKA

Evangelism/Doctrinal Instruction


Elder Allman has been an Elder of the Springfield Gardens SDA Church, since 2010. He migrated to the

United States in 2008 and fell in love with the Springfield Gardens SDA Church right away. Although

he came as an ordained Elder, he was not in a hurry to accept an office. It was his love for audio/visual

aids that revealed his expertise and tagged him with the title- Sound Technician. He has no intention of

finding another church home. Springfield Gardens SDA Church has found a special place in his heart. The

fellowship is exhilarating and the worship of God is done in an atmosphere of reverence and awe.

Elder Allman has a passion for music but his first love is prophecy. He believes that here lies the wisdom

that God intends for us to gain. He believes that every Christian should closely and prayerfully study

and meditate upon the prophecies of the Bible. Elder Allman loves to sing and he often leads out in

song service. Although he claims that he cannot sing, he possesses a wonderful baritone. He is always

learning new hymns and teaching them to the congregation. He believes that music is truly an integral part of worship.