We are delighted to have you worship with us. We trust that the time spent with us will be uplifting.

Our service times are:

Early morning prayer meeting is held every Sabbath morning from 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM.

Sabbath School: 9:15 AM
Divine Service: 11:00 AM-1:00 PM.



Two persons approach the church doors on

Sabbath morning--

Member and Visitor

Member (smiling):  "Hi, I'm Grace.  How are you?"

Visitor:  "Hello, I'm fine."

Member (speaks with delight):  "Thanks for visiting with us today. What's your name?"

Visitor:  "I'm Ann."

Member:  "Well, Ann, I'm really glad I met you at the church doors because now you are my special guest." (Grace gives Ann a hug, takes her arm and leads her inside). Hello, and welcome to Community Worship Center SDA Church.  You are our special guest, and we are so delighted that you chose to stop by here.  We want to know your name because you aren't just someone passing through.   You are important, you are special, and you are priceless to Jesus and precious to us, so we want to be able to call you by name, personalizing your experience with us. We are a people who are demonstrative in Godly love.  Expect to receive a smile, a friendly handshake, and a hug—a greeting similar to the one above.  We provide escort service to seating, directions to restrooms, and an experience in worship that magnifies our heavenly Father through the spoken word and the word in song. Our prayer and endeavor is to make your stay with us a blessing that extends beyond your visit so much so that you experience an irresistible desire to come again.


Again we welcome you into this place, for this house of worship, God's house of worship, is a place for all people.